Obsolescence is a graduation film from Vancouver Film School.


Three ghosts, representing three different generations, keep a portrait of themselves as the unique sign left of their own identity after death. Two of the ghosts have an analog portrait (a black and white photography and a painting), while the third one has a digital portrait contained within a computer. Soon they will experience the obsolescence of technology, which will challenge the preservation of memories and data through time.


Written, directed and produced by Andrea Cristini
Original music composed by Chiara Micci

 Andrea Cristini ©2015




*3rd Place Animation of the Month* 12 Months Film Festival (Romania/2015)

*Best Student Film* Roma Cinema DOC (Italy/2015)

*Best Director Animation* Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (USA/2016)

*Bronze Award* FAME’US International Film Festival (USA/2016)

*Best Brainchild* Comme Il Faut International Film Festival (Belarus/2016)



Los Angeles CineFest (USA/2015)
FiLUMS (Pakistan/2016)
Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival (India/2016)
Poinciana (Cayman Islands/2016)
Austin Student Film Festival (USA/2016)
In The Bin Film Festival (Australia/2016)
Animation Dingle (Ireland/2016)
Shortfest International (Malta/2016)
International Film Festival Kolaksai (Ukraine/2016)
Las Cruces International Film Festival (USA/2016)
Cordoba Film Festival (Colombia/2016)
Clean Shorts Film Festival (USA/2016)
Speechless Film Festival (USA/2016)
Short Shorts Film Festival (USA/2016)
Film Score (USA/2016)

Transilvania Shorts International Short Film Festival (Romania/2016)

The Mod Con London Film Festival (UK/2016)

Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival (USA/2016)

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival (Japan/2016)

Toronto International Film And Video Awards (Canada/2016)

Limerick Film Festival (Ireland/2016)

Tehran International Silent Film Festival (Iran/2016)

Yale Student Film Festival (USA/2016)

Athens Animfest (Greece/2016)
Indie Film Festival (Switzerland/2016)
We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival (USA/2016)
Puerto Rico Comic Con Short Film Fest (Puerto Rico/2016)
Student Art Festival (USA/2016)

British Animation Film Festival (UK/2016)

Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (South Korea/2016)

Visioni Corte Film Festival (Italy/2016)

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (Australia/2016)

WNY Film, Art, and Music Event FAME (USA/2016)

Animaze Montreal International Animation Film Festival (Canada/2016)

New York International Film Festival (USA/2016)

Golden Door International Film Festival (USA/2016)

Portsmouth International Film Festival (UK/2016)
Montecatini International Short Film Festival (Italy/2016)

  Hamilton Film Festival (Canada/2016)

PiGrecoZen FilmFest (Italy/2016)

BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest (USA/2016)

Les Sommets Du Cinéma d'Animation (Canada/2016)

AnimArte! (Brazil/2017)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Autor (Mexico/2017)

FILE Festival ANIMA+ (Brazil/2017)